plus one


When people say, “I just knew I was pregnant”, they’re not kidding.

I knew.

But, then I took a whole box of tests, just to make sure.

At a friend’s house, helping them move.

SURPRISE, we brought our own luggage!

I had my first doctor’s appointment last week (June 19th) and hearing it from a doctor is just so much different than reading it on a stick!

I can’t remember my actual last period date (life has been crazayy with finishing up school this month) so they are scheduling me for an ultrasound to get an official due date.

The timing could not be more perfect.

June 29th, our first wedding anniversary AND our first glimpse at the new bambino.

I’ve already been explaining to Briley how much fun it’s going to be to be a big sister and all the things she gets to show the new baby…

her clever and overly excited response:

“I’m going to show the baby how to shave the cats!”

I really need to keep a closer eye on her cartoons.


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