Although pregnancy is a blessing and such an amazing journey…

Lets be honest…

It’s not always a cake walk.


I’ve created a day a week where I’m allowed to be a little bit of a brat.

And on this fine Wednesday here are the current “issues”:

1. I am terrified of all the weight gain this time around. Being 19 and TINY last time around were definitely on my side and definitely not the case now.

2. I am not a fan of “morning” (AKA all day/night) sickness.

This should have been my number one. It really is that bad.

3. And lastly, Although this happened last week, I still have bruises on my arms, which in my world means it’s still valid.

Last week I was told to fast for 10 hours for blood work, and when I specifically asked if this included water I was told NO water.

So i went to bed at 10,got up and went to the diagnostic office at 9 where I waited for an hour and was handed a cup with a marked line halfway up for a urine sample.

I literally laughed. How was I supposed to pee that much after not drinking anything for 12 hours?

I was then told I was never supposed to stop drinking water, and to go back to the waiting room for another 45 minutes to drink water out of a dixie cup and get annoyed looks when I asked for it to be refilled every 2 minutes.

Hello, I was THIRSTY.

Finally I was called back for blood work and what do you know, my blood came out at a snails pace to fill the ELEVEN vials they needed.

And it hurt.

A lot.

Due to me being mildly dehydrated.


After such a complicated pregnancy with Briley, I am praying this is not a sign of whats to come this time.

Fingers crossed!


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