12 (ish) weeks


I am terrible at blogging.

These past three weeks have been busy-ish (4th of July, my birthday,doctors appointments, non stop sickness…)

and ALL I can think about is baby names.

With Briley, I knew within the first month if it was a girl her name would either be her name or Mia.

(Whenever I say that, people tell me how much she actually looks like a Mia. Good choice Mom.)

But this time, I am overwhelmed to say the least.

Mostly because, no one likes the names I’m falling for.

Boo them and their bad taste right?

I’m spending way too much time at night pouring over names and just when I know I’ve found a potential, hubby looks at me like I am crazy and am going to condemn our child to a life of torture with my bad taste.

So instead of sending these darling names off to an island where I can never speak of them again, I decided to collect them all right here.

To look at from time to time, and sigh at the waste.

 Without further ado:

  Boys: Oliver,Finn, Sebastian, Sawyer, Liam

Girls:  Olivia , Nora, Juda, Piper, Penelope, Fiona, Scarlett, Stella

These girl names are really calling out to me, I wonder if it’s a sign…

4 more weeks until I know which list to really fight for!

And of course, the first belly picture:

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

11 wekks


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