au naturale

I have no pain tolerance.

Like…cry when I get my belly button pierced and get woozy from getting blood drawn no tolerance.


I have been looking into the idea of natural child birth.

I’m not quite as brave as the women who commit to a kiddie pool on their living room floor, but I definatley admire them.

And I 100% believe this is what a womens body was made for.

So, true to form, and I’ve got in an idea in my mind and have not stopped researching it since.

A lot of people I’ve brought this up to have said, “why would you want to go through excruciating pain if you don’t have to and in the end get the same result”…


“Research shows” that not being under the numbness of the epidural speeds up not only the labor and birthing process, but the healing time as well.

Also, that almost all women who do go the natural route feel a stronger bond to their child in the first moments of their life.

When I had Briley I begged for the epidural because I went into it knowing how bad it was going to hurt (thank you Hollywood and friendly horror stories) and as soon as it did, I knew it would be acceptable to not have to deal with it.

And I’m not saying women who decide to get pain medication aren’t “as strong” of women, I just believe that some of the pain is just the fear and perception that it’s the worst thing in the world.

Not that it doesn’t hurt.

At some points I literally begged my nurses to knock me out.

But if women have been doing this for thousands of years, and pain can be transformed through mental preparations, then why not try to “take it like a man”?

Between Two Worlds

Photo and caption by Tara Garner National Geographic- Between two worlds


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