long overdue

When I started this blog, I had this grand idea that it would be easy to keep up and I would post everyday.

Jokes on me.

So in the past forever weeks:

We found out ITS A BOY

(Briley started crying, she really wanted a sister. Luckily, she’s coming around)

The baby shower process has begun (hello mustache bash)


I am officially feeling extremely pregnant which consists of :

The good =

1.  Feeling the baby move like crazy

(daddy finally got to feel today)

      2. Officially deciding on a baby name

 (meaning going through HUNDREDS of names and going back

 to the one that was suggested before I was even pregnant)

3. Buying boy clothes



The not so good/ Sometime downright ugly =

1. Waking up 87 times a night to pee

2. The intense pressure on my pelvis that makes me feel like

 everything is about to fall out if I don’t hold it in

3. The fact that my once upon a time independent child has become

 completely incapable to do ANYTHING for herself

4. Knowing that all of this isn’t going to go away/ going to get worse

 for another 19 WEEKS

and last but not least,

a little picture update:

we’re both growing like crazy

❤ my little man


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