5 months

23 weeks 2 days

I am REALLY starting to feel pregnant

as in: constant heartburn, cannot get comfortable at night, and want to eat everything in the house and then, the actual house.

also as in: I feel like a marching band lives inside me.

I had my 5 month DR appointment on Monday and was SO excited to hear I’ve only gained a pound in the last month.

During my first trimester I lost 6 pounds thanks to “morning” sickness (aka all day sickness)

and I have JUST now gained it back.

happy momma.

Part of me feels like this pregnancy is taking FOREVER (read that in an echoing voice)

while the other part cannot believe I will be holding a baby baby again in less than 4 months.

(16 weeks 5 days sounds even shorter)

Lately, I have been that overly emotional pregnant women everyone talks about.

I have moments of overwhelming happiness, sadness, and anxiety for the future.

It’s hard to imagine loving anyone as much as I love Briley.

My nesting list continues to grow out of control, and my spurts of energy cannot seem to keep up.

I lay in bed too late at night thinking of all the things I’m going to wake up and do, and then spend my whole day counting down the hours until bedtime.

It’s a very frustrating cycle.

(Although, I did spend 2 whole days organizing my craft stuff.

Very important life stuff, ya know.)

I just have to keep telling myself everything will fall into place.

The closets will get organized or we’ll live through them being “messy”

the baby weight will come off

and this baby will have all the love in the world.

As for today, I think it may be nap time 🙂


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