Halloween 2012

I cannot believe this is my sweet girl’s last Halloween as an only child.

I’m sure these types of sentences are going to be said a lot in the next few months.

After standing in party city for what seemed like way too long, Briley finally chose a witch.

and then refused to wear her hat or carry her broom.

So. she was called a princess all night.

And really didn’t feel the need to correct anyone..

as long as she got the candy, did it really matter what she was supposed to be?

I have said it a million times, and will say it once more

My child is such a weirdo sometimes.

Last night at almost every single house she would look inside while getting the candy

(after ringing the doorbell too many times or putting her ear to the door if they didn’t immediately answer it)

and comment on the most odd things.

“oh, can I pet your cat?”

” What movie are you watching?”

and then after the host was thoroughly caught off guard she would look at them as if she had been jipped on the amount of candy and awkwardly stand there with her bucket in the air waiting for more.


such a weirdo.

Other than the obvious things we have to work on before next year, I would say it was an extremely successful night!

20 minutes after being put in bed she was passed out holding a glow stick,

and woke me up at 5:30 this morning asking for just one more piece of candy.

Happy Halloween everyone!



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