Weight gain: NONE

Let me explain.. Before I found out I was pregnant I had gained more weight than I would like to admit (thanks mirena). In my first trimester I lost 5-6 pounds (thanks non stop nausea). At my last dr’s appointment (4 weeks ago) I had gained back those 6 pounds. I weighed myself 2 weeks ago out of curiosity and had gained 2 pounds (normal), BUT yesterday at the doctor I was still the same weight as 4 weeks ago! Who’s to say what’s going on. I’m sure I will wake up one of these days to have gained 30 pounds overnight.

K. Now that that’s cleared up.

Baby Stats: Average size: 13.6-14.8 inches, 1.5-2.2 lb.
Baby’s showing brain activity, breathing (amniotic fluid for now of course), and has regular waking and sleeping periods.

Cravings: Bread and pasta. All I want in my life is carbs. Oliver Garden still needs to happen.

Highlight of the week: Making it to the third trimester! (Some people say it’s 28 weeks, I’m gonna roll with 27)


sending out baby shower invitations! Only 5 more weeks!


putting the crib together!


seeing my sister and all her crazy boys this past weekend! Makes me so excited to have one running around soon!

(plus she gave us some great baby stuff!)

Low point of the week: Heartburn heartburn heartburn 24/7.


having to sit through my glucose test today. So glad it’s over!

Looking forward to: EVERYTHING that’s coming up! Time seems to by flying by now!

26 weeks. 4 days.



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