Playing Mom

This election week has made me realize many things.

I myself did not vote (which was dumb) for the simple fact that I did not feel caught up/educated enough on the issues/candidates to make a decision.

I think voting for someone/something just because someone else is, is as ignorant, if not more so, than not voting at all.

End of rant of that point.

The morning after president was re-elected I was SHOCKED at the things I was seeing all over my facebook feed.

And it got me thinking about parenting.

Briley will be four next month (CRAZY) and I feel like it is just in the past few months that I have begun to realize what it means to be a parent.

When a baby is born, (most) people get a crash course on sacrifice.

Sacrifice of sleep, of what your body used to be, of the freedom of thinking of yourself first.

The nights are long and exhausting, and the amount of patience needed doesn’t seem to match the amount you can actually conjure up.

It’s no easy task…but, mostly it’s common sense.

Feed them, change their diaper, cry with them when they just won’t stop. Etc. Etc.

Then comes the toddler stage.

Suddenly the amount of patience needed that you already can’t keep up, doubles.

But it’s still mainly common sense.

Don’t let them climb the bookshelf or put knives into outlets. Let them know you’re supposed to poop in the potty.

Simple things.

THEN out of no where comes this little PERSON.

and this, is where I stand. This is not common sense anymore.

Briley has come to a stage where the answers aren’t so simple, because the questions she’s asking are valid.

The things I’m telling her and more importantly, showing her, are slapping my back in the face daily, be them good or bad.

And I am beginning to truly grasp what it means to not only have a child, but to raise a person.

A person who will in the very near future go to school and be surrounded by people raised much differently than her.

A person who will chose a career, get married, have her own children.

A person who I hope will have more TOLERANCE, ACCEPTANCE, and UNDERSTANDING than I saw on Wednesday morning.

 I think as parents, we are so judgmental about other parents and we sometimes, are missing the bigger picture.

I think our children will survive if they eat cake for breakfast, or watch 3 movies in a row, or skip a bath some night.

I think our children will survive if their hair is a mess, their clothes don’t match, and their shoes are on the wrong feet.

It’s okay if their room is a mess.

They will repeat bad words.

They will throw a fit (or 25) in public.

They will be okay.

What we should be worried about is teaching them that everyone is equal, no matter how different.

We should be worried about keeping the “magic” words around. Please and thank you will never go out of style.

We should be worried about them respecting their elders.

We should be worried about them not growing up too fast, but teaching them the importance of responsibility while they’re young.

I by no means am a perfect parent.

I yell when I get too frustrated and sometimes I take longer showers just to not have someone talk to me for an extra 5 minutes.

I let my own negative opinions on things become her opinions, without even noticing it’s happening.

Sometimes I let moments pass me by while counting down the minutes until bedtime.

We all have our own parenting styles, and choices, and regrets.

All we can hope is that we do our best, and when the time comes to send these people out into the world, they’re ready for it.


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