This KID

Every single  day Briley has some new crazy opinion on life, or says something that makes us stop and laugh insanely.

The last couple “comments” have me very concerned on how often I remind her how cute/smart/etc etc she is.

Because clearly she already KNOWS.

Exhibit A

yesterday, walking through walmart.

A women smiles at Briley while passing us in the isle.

Birley says:  “Oh jeeze, all the women in the world always smile at me because I’m so cute.”

The lady and I start laughing ( Taylor was not as amused)

she makes it worse by saying

” I’m serious. I’m cute.”

Exhibit B

I’m standing the kitchen minding my own business when sass a frass comes around the corner and says

” Mom, if you want to learn to dance like me, you’re gonna have to pray on a candle.”

This kid is gonna be T-R-O-U-B-L-E.


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