I cannot believe the baby shower that’s been in the works for MONTHS has come and gone. After hours upon hours of planning, and making, and re planning  and remaking, and lists upon lists…it is already over! Where does the time go? From the time we found out I was pregnant, I knew if it was a boy, we HAD to throw a little man bash. I have been seeing mustaches (and more recently bow ties) everywhere and I am a little obsessed (and a little over it after the hundreds we’ve had to cut).

The colors kind of fell together and somehow kept working out perfectly with all our baby shower finds!

The 24 hours leading up were…stressful…to say the least (it’s the OCD in me) but I cannot imagine it going any better. We got ons of cute stuff and got to celebrate with the ones we love!

A huge thanks to everyone who came and a huger (totally not a word) to the people who helped pull it together while someone putting up with my hormones along the way! ( A special side note yelling thank you to Mekayla!)

thank you thank you thank you.

I wish pictures could capture the way the room felt, but laughter can’t be heard and delicious food can’t be tastes (yet!)

( and I more so wish I had taken more pictures!)

Taylor’s grandpa came all the way from Reno and walked in with a huge blown up picture of Taylor as a newborn baby! It was so funny to see the confused look on people’s faces at the fireplace centerpiece

and I have NO idea what we’re going to do with it now that the shower’s over!

My amazing friend Ashlee made this quilt (AND another one larger one that I have been snuggling up with the past few nights!) for everyone to sign as a sort of “guest book”.

I literally freaked out in the store when I saw the mustache fabric in the PERFECT colors and will love showing Mav all the people who came to celebrate his arrival!

In place of cards, we asked people to bring a book for Mav with a special note inside the cover. This is one of my favorite things from the entire shower!

Not only does he have a nice collection started, but the sweet notes inside will be loved for years to come!

babyshower1 bbayshower2 bbayshower3


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