Meeting Santa Claus

McHenry Village_20121219_000160


For the first year Briley was willing to take a picture with Santa!

kind of willing.

Last Christmas I stood in line at the mall only for her to cry and say she didn’t want to Santa to touch her.


And for a minute I really thought this was going to be a repeat.

On the way there she was STOKED and kept saying she couldn’t wait to smell him because she had never smelt a santa.


Once we walked in, and were luckily the only ones there. ( Go to McHenry Village if you live in Modesto! So easy!) she was TERRIFIED.

shaking. refusing to talk to him. didn’t even care when I told her he wouldn’t bring presents.

WHY is she afraid of EVERYTHING?

Finally after convincing, bribing, pleading, and taking unplanned family pictures with Santa..she said she would take ONE picture with him by herself!

and it turned out perfect 🙂


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