The Arrival of Baby. Part One.

Lately I find myself reading mass amounts of birth stories.

It usually starts with a good search of how the eff to get this kid out of my body, and ends with me caught up people’s moments of meeting their babies.

And I always wonder to myself, how do they recall the event so clearly. Down to times, and feelings, and thoughts they were having.

All I remember of Briley’s birth is it took 15 hours, it was exhausting and painful, and I wanted to die.

These past few days I have been having so many “pre-labor” symptoms, and teasing moments of “this is it.” and it hit me that one of these episodes is going to be the real deal.

Will I instantly tune into a clock at that point and be able to remember everything like these other women?

Are they jotting notes down on scratch paper? Do they have a secretary stay with them for documentation purposes? How does it work?

So i decided to write my own birth story in 2 parts. The last few never ending weeks. And the big day I am so desperately waiting on.


Tuesday, January 8th. 36 weeks.

After days of what I thought at the time were real contractions, I went into the dr KNOWING I had made progress.

Haha. None. No dilation, thinning, baby head down but high up. Cried on the way home.

Friday, January 18th. 37 weeks 3 days.

Went to dinner for Nancy’s birthday and the moment we got in the car, I had my first REAL contraction.

Take your breath away, painful, crawl up your seat a little bit contraction.

And then I had another and another and another. And timing them showed they were 45 seconds, 4 minutes apart.


When we got back to Nancy;s we left Briley because I was positive it was go time, and walking out the door I was completely overwhelmed. My baby was no longer going to be my baby.

We got home (still having amazing contractions) and I decided to take a bath before finishing the hospital bags.

And when I got out.


They completely stopped.

I cried.

A couple days ago. (how will I watch a clock if I cant even watch a calender?)

Hubby leaves for work, Mav starts his torture game once again. Painful contractions, evenly spaced. For almost 2 hours, only to once again go away as quickly as they had come.

Tuesday, January 22nd. 38 weeks

Doctors appointment. 1 cm dilated (although I wish it ws more, this is more than I was at 41 weeks with Briley so I suppose it’s a good sign.)

The Dr asked if she could strip my membranes after I stated for the 5th time in % minutes how horrible I feel.

Of courssssse you can Doc! Let’s have a baby!

Immediate cramping. I was so excited.

Yet here I sit… 3 days later. More pregnant than ever.


For the past 3 days I have been eating pineapple and spicy food nonstop. Having sex, and marching myself up and down our stairs.

With no more than a few period-esk cramp sessions.

And I know, I know. Relax, the baby will come when the baby’s ready.

Yada Yada,

to be continued.


Friday, January 25th 38 weeks 3 days

Walked up and down the stairs until my legs wouldn’t walk anymore. Cleaned the whole house. Did some squats and jumping jacks. Etc etc etc.

Let’s see what happens.

Castor oil is starting to sound amazing.

Sunday, January 27th. 38 weeks 5 days.

Up from 1:30 until 3:45 am timing contractions.


Stuck in between Taylor and Briley, who are both completely passed out.

Tuesday, January 29th 39 weeks

Doctor appointment.

No progress. No more dilation, no more thinning, no even soft.

And still no induction talk for 2 more weeks.

2 more WEEKS?!

I so badly want to be positive and roll with the whole “the baby will come when the baby is ready”..but in all honesty…

But in all honesty..

Everyday that passes is a little more exhausting, discouraging, and somehow longer, than the one before.

Please hurry up Mav.



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