The arrival of baby. Part Two.

I cannot believe it’s been 3 days since baby boy got here.

He is absolutely beautiful, and I am in awe.

I think we all are.

On Friday ( Feb. 1st @ 39 weeks, 3 days) we woke up early to get our taxes done. I had been having some contractions already, but they weren’t regular enough to time, and I didn’t think it was any different than the weeks of contractions before.

While leaving the tax office, the pressure in my pelvis was getting super intense and I joked with Taylor he might not be going into work.

After taxes we went grocery shopping, and that’s when the pain started to get really bad.

When we got home, I took a shower, knowing that they would either stop (like usual) or get worse (the real deal).

Of course,they started to die off.

Taylor suggested we take a walk to see if things could pick back up, and by the time we got home, I knew we were going to the hospital to at least get checked.

I never thought we would actually be having a baby that night.

We got to the hospital at 2:20 pm, where I was 3 cm dilated (I was surprised my body had made it that far on it’s own already) and the nurse told me my contractions were an even 2-3 minutes apart.

Taylor and I walked around the hospital for about 30 minutes and when I was checked again I was almost 4cm.

I was shocked.

Within the next 40 minutes I was admitted (where I laughed and almost cried and asked in 3 different ways if that meant we were really having a baby that day) and by 3:30 I was hooked up to an IV.

The next few hours we alternated between walking the halls (Tayors co-worker’s wife was in labor just a few rooms down and we seemed to always be walking at the same time) and updating friends and family on the progress.

At 8:50 pm ( I literally kept pulling my phone out to mark times down) the dr came in to break my water and stretch my cervix open more (which was the most painful part of the night).

Around 9:30 the contractions became extremely painful and while we waited for the epidural, we visited with Ashlee, Lettie, Ryan and Mekayla.

FINALLY at 11:00 I got the epidural and I would say getting it was the worst part of the labor and delivery.

I was terrified.

I was scared of the fact that a needle was going into my back. I was scared it was going to hurt. I was scared that it meant the end was getting closer, and this was real. Soon I would be pushing another baby in the world.

And although I was ready to meet him, it was very overwhelming.

Taylor wasn’t allowed to stand by me while they put it in, so I held onto 2 nurses and sobbed like a baby the entire time.

All of the emotions of the long pregnancy, and the anxiety of the things that were coming so soon,  were coming out, and I needed to break down for that moment.

After the epidural was in, everything went really really quickly.

At 12:00 The nurse checked me and I laughed when she told me I was 10cm, and she was going to get the Dr so I could start pushing.

The past 9 months were about to be over and I was going to meet my baby boy.

The whole world became very calm.

I was ready.

I started pushing at 12:14 and at 12:27am on February 2nd, Mavrik McAlice Benson came into the world.

He didn’t cry right away, instead just looked around with huge open eyes, taking everything in.

I will never forget the look on Taylor’s face.

It showed exactly what I felt in that moment.

Awe. love. and utter amazement.




Since we’ve been home, Briley has become a very protective big sister.  freaking out if the cats get within 5 feet, and running into the room if he makes any noise that resembles a cry.

She sings to him non stop ( a mixture of twinkle twinkle little star and a self written song of how she’ll never let anything happen to him. I die)

It is the sweetest thing.

Mav is a great baby and is either completely unconscious or completely alert and looking at EVERYTHING.

He is everything I dreamed he would be, and more.

I am absolutely in love with him.

Mav 092


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