week 3

This past week, has been by far, one of the most frustrating, emotional, exhausting weeks of my life.

Breastfeeding has begun to feel like a full time job with no paycheck, and I know as moms we aren’t supposed to say things like that out loud.

But in all honesty.

Being a human food factory, and taking care of yourself and 2 other humans is hard work.

I am tired of the constant pumping and feeding schedule I’ve had to commit to, just to not turn to formula.

Mav is an eater to say the least and it seems impossible to keep him full or happy lately.

I have been turning to all of my mama friends on instagram (of all places. social media at it’s finest) for support, advice, and a little bit of sanity through this adjustment period, and it is so nice to know I’m not alone and it does get better.

On a happier lighter note, tonight is date night for the hubby and I.

Thank God for this guy, or I’d have melted into nothing through this.

I cannot wait for a movie and dinner of interrupted adult time.

And defiantly a margarita.

I’d say I’ve earned it.

Happy three weeks of life little man.






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