A roadtrip, new baby love, and giving thanks

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Around Thanksgiving, we went to Tahoe to visit Taylor’s grandpa.

It was exciting to see him get to meet Mav, especially considering he was named after him!

On the way we stopped in Sacramento to meet the newest nephew, Isaac. I’ve never seen a babe with so much hair!

For it being Mav’s first real roadtrip, I was pretty nervous how he would handle it, but he did surprisingly well!

(Baby food pouches are a life savor in car situations by the way.)

Although I love Halloween, Thanksgiving is the true start to the holiday season for me.

It means family, and good food, and slowing down to recognize all the beautiful things we are surrounded with.

I am extremely blessed to have a happy marriage, 2 healthy happy loved children, and an amazing support system of family and friends.

I am constantly re learning that family is not always blood.

It is a genuine care for another person and their happiness.

It is something that should be treasured and respected, not taken for granted and abused.

Whoever said you can’t pick your family must not have been blessed with good enough friends.


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