Tis the Season

coujkdfsbmssanta2013 fgdsgdsfgsfgThis Christmas was so much fun!

It’s crazy to think that only a year ago, I was uncomfortably pregnant..and now we have a big boy running around and getting into everything!

Our Christmas (month) consisted of Santa, lots and lots of food, and as many Christmas lights as we could see!

A few days before Christmas we had a brunch at the country club where the kids could meet Santa.

Briley was way more excited than last year, and Mav just looked at his curiously! All in all, Santa was unharmed!

On Christmas Eve, we stayed at Nancys, where we had a huge (yummy) dinner and then watched the Santa Claus in our new  pajamas.

It is a tradition that I look forward to continuing in the coming years.

A couple months ago we planned that Briley’s big Christmas/birthday present would be a trip to Disneyland!!!!

Of course it was a gift from Santa, so we couldn’t tell her until Christmas morning..but who knew keeping a secret from a 4 year old could be such hard work!

We all had to speak in code and whispers, and at one point or another all of us let it slip in front of her without her even recognizing what was said!


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