Mavrik McAlice turns One.

As I write this, Mav is passed out on my lap and holding onto my hair to make sure I don’t put him down.

I know moments like this won’t be around forever.

He’s officially one.

I don’t know how the time goes so quickly, but I could swear I was just complaining I would be pregnant forever. And then I was in a hospital laughing and crying as they said I was most absolutley in labor. I actually said to the nurse, “so you mean I’m leaving here with a baby?” And her responding that’s usually what happens. And he was here. In my arms. Sweet and fresh and mine.

And some time after that I blinked.

And I have a running, climbing, laughing happy happy boy. He is a perfect blend of Taylor and I, and he completes our family in a way we didn’t even know we needed.

He makes us laugh everyday and to know him is to love him.

He is the best thing ever and I am blessed to be his.

Happy birthday to my Mavy.

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